To Be Known

Living in the Place of Complete Fulfilment

to-be-known-ca-fvWe were created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). In that creation, God placed a void in our hearts that only He can fill. Our Creator wants to have a relationship with us. He wants us to know Him and to be known in His love.

When we choose to know God’s heart above all else in this world, and we passionately pursue a relationship with Him, we discover THE PLACE of security, warmth, serenity and fulfilment. Broken Nets

This is so even when we are surrounded by broken nets (broken promises), fragments of glamour and shattered dreams, confusion and a foreboding sense of being overwhelmed.

In To Be Known, one can detect all kinds of pieces that don’t seem to fit together all around the figure who is intently gazing beyond them, into the glory of God.

The figure is being filled with the simple beauty from above. It is the place full of Shalom. It is the place where one can be still and know God, who He really is and not as the “stuff” around would interpret Him.

It is a place where one is free to respond with worship and love for the One most worthy. In that place, there is great delight and discovery not only of who God really is but also who oneself truly is, as God designed them to be.
To be known and fully loved is the very safe place of deepest fulfillment. This is also the place where we become free to make the best choices for our lives.