• 1 Peter 4:9 ….offer hospitality to one another without grumbling
  • 3 John :8…….show hospitality…..
  • Titus 1:8 …..he (leader) must be hospitable………Remember how Israel was saved through the hospitality of Joseph, the young man with the coat of many colors.  When Joseph became ruler, it was as if he spread his royal, colorful garment over Israel so they could flourish in time of famine.

Psalm 104:2 The Almighty wraps himself in LIGHT as a garment. (That would be to be wrapped in the full spectrum of colors since that is what is in light.)

There are other scriptures that refer to God’s covering as a wing over those who seek Him…………a welcoming wing to be sure………welcoming them into His protection and splendor. God’s splendor and glory is extravagant pure beauty.

I began to see hospitality like a colorful fabric or cloak being draped over the one being invited. Something wonderful happens to a human who is draped in luxurious color. The whole being soaks it in like a dry sponge, more so for the more sensitive ones. The whole being starts to soften, relax and find themselves freer to be themselves, letting down the defenses and masks. Of course the more hardened one is the less of this affect is visible or even conscious on their part. One can attest to this even when giving a smile of hospitality to a stranger.

The dictionary defines hospitality in these terms.

  1. Favoring the health, growth, comfort, well being of new arrivals
  2. Receptive and open to new ideas.
  3. Gracious, offering pleasant and sustainable environment

Apparently hospitality originates in heaven. God created this amazing earth and then welcomed all inhabitants to its reflected glory.

Here in this painting we catch a glimpse of a carrier of this hospitality. He is bringing heaven’s hospitality to us. His wings are ready to wrap us into the glorious colors that enable us to come into God’s blessed rest and freedom to be who we truly are, especially in Christ. This is what WELCOME HOME looks like to me. This invisible reality is made visible, for those who have eyes to see, wherever we go

The little green speck showed up on the painting (seemed to be a nasty mistake when I first noticed it at the end of the painting process). I asked God what to do about it. He indicated that I was to leave it and stand back and let Holy Spirit reveal its significance. So, of course, I did. After awhile as I gazed at it I began to feel like that spot represented me………that was how small I was in proportion to this angelic being and the majesty of the splendor into which I was being welcomed. I was so humbled by this perspective.