The King’s Obsession

The King's ObsessionThe word “obsession” means: to be preoccupied or fixated on something ……to have passionate desire for that to the point of not being able to think about anything else.
God created this planet for His pleasure. He is totally good. So, all that He created He wants it to come into His perfect goodness. All was created for that purpose.
The greatest pleasure God created for Himself is humankind, male and female. He created human beings for intimacy and love, first of all for Him and then for all that He created in right alignment with His order.

Love seeks to give itself away wholeheartedly to its “object”.
Jesus Christ laid down His life, before the foundations of the earth were laid. Before humankind sinned Jesus took full responsibility for redeeming mankind.
Jesus Christ’s passion to redeem, restore, reunite God’s creation to its Creator was enough to push Him through the hideous suffering of the cross, dying a torturous death. He has not changed.
The New Testament tells us that Jesus Christ is the Bridegroom and those who acknowledge/follow/love Him are the Bride.

As we move closer and closer to the time when all will see with their physical sight this ferrous obsession, it is as if the King is already mounted on the great white horse, looking to Father who will give the command as if asking, “Is it today, Father? Is it today I get to go get my Bride?” His heart is so full of the Bride that there is room for nothing more. She has taken His breath away!
As He gazes to the Father for the command, the Holy Spirit blows winds of encouragement and strength to wait until the “fullness of time”.