The Bride in the River of Life

The Bride in the River of Life PaintingThe Bride in the River of Life represents the radiant church as described in Ephesians 5: 25-27. On her wedding day, she leaps heavenward in joyful anticipation of the Presence of her Bridegroom, her King of Glory. Her love knows no bounds, and her joy cannot be contained.

Waves from the Bride in the River of Life paintingLiving Waters form the foundation of this painting. Deep blues and gold-tone highlights help convey, rhythm, movement, growth, and life present in every true follower of Jesus Christ. We see the fruit of having lived in rivers of Living Water as depicted by the hearts. The size of the waves express the Power of the Holy Spirit we receive when we believe in Christ. (John 7:38)

The three butterflies represent the Holy Trinity. Two are less visible, though not lesser, representing the invisible two of the Trinity, Father and Holy Spirit.

The butterfly is often a symbol of resurrection because of its complete metamorphosis or transformation from one form to another. Here, the Bride is both receiving resurrection power and releasing it through her focus upward, toward Jesus, the Author and Finisher of her faith who is represented by the purple butterfly.Unguarded heart

Notice the posture of the Bride of Christ. Her back is arched, and her arms extend upward in praise, joy, and thanksgiving. Her heart is unguarded and completely given to God. She trusts God for the protection of her heart and is therefore able to be open and vulnerable, free to love and serve others as illustrated by the smaller hearts at the base of her unguarded heart.

HeartsOut of the fullness of her unbridled joy, she is free to love and serve others as illustrated by the smaller hearts flowing from her unguarded heart.

In an old Jewish wedding tradition, it was customary for the bride as she was led to the bridegroom’s chamber, to toss her veil onto his shoulders saying, “The government of my life is on your shoulders.” Here, the Bride tosses her veil onto the invisible but real shoulders of her Bridegroom, Jesus, acknowledging that the governing of her life is on Him who has proven Himself faithful and worthy.Pearls

Through the intimacy with her Bridegroom, the Bride sows the “pearls of the Kingdom” before the communion of saints and angelic hosts represented in the background in soft white oval shapes.

The Bride in this River of Life doesn’t only stand firm while its power comes all around her she draws on its joy, healing and rhythmic movements. She is so secured in Love that she can stand firm in the powerful waters of life, the River of Life.