Glory Gazing Abroad

Encouraging Others Overseas

Early Travels

My husband, David, and I went with Eagle’s Wings Ministry for our first time to Israel in the Spring of 2006. This encounter radically changed our lives and the course of Glory Gazing Ministries even though Glory Gazing Ministries Board had not begun functioning until the Fall of 2006. It had taken this ministry to an international level.

The truth of Romans chapters 9 to 11 came to life and strong motivation….recognition of how indebted we are to Israel for our having and knowing God’s Word. As these chapters admonish us to gratefully serve our “elder brother.”

By the hand of God I was able to gather together in 2008, 2009 and 2010 small teams called Streams of Blessings to go to Israel to serve and encourage Israelis wherever we could. We especially tried to encourage and bless the artists.

During these trips I met Tom and Kate Hess of the Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations (JHOPFAN). This connection brought me into a close working relationship with Kate Hess, doing creative journaling at the house of prayer, illustrating Kate’s books (3 major publications), and teaching in small groups around the Jerusalem area.

The most expanding international experience were the five times I was part of the Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations Convocation as over 150 nations gather in southern Jerusalem. It was here I connected numerous nationals, but most extensively with my French friends Sodapop and Christine Jeanville who minister through dance. Machol Danser La Vie!

Glory Gazing Ministries and Machol Danser La Vie have found an ever deepening interconnection, the paintings, the creative journaling and the dance come together like streams of the same river.

As of 2016 there have been 8 trips to Israel and 4 trips to France including numerous trips to Switzerland and Italy. There are more on the horizon to be sure!