Growing in Grace

Rooted Deeply in the Mind of God

Growing in Grace represents the life of a follower of Christ or collectively all followers of Christ. We are rooted deeply in the Mind of God even before the foundations of the world. (Ephesians 1:4)

Tree RootsThe rich purple hues surrounding the centuries-old tree convey the royal honor bestowed on this heritage. The thickness of the tree’s trunk and its five roots extending outward provide a sense of strength, legacy and fortitude.

Buds and trellisThe purple ‘trellis’ descending from the upper right corner provides a framework on which the vine can grow and prosper. Symbolic of the Law of God, this support structure reveals the way to come into a relationship with God and stay in fellowship with Him. Others may see this structure as Christians who have gone before us. Their legacy can also provide guidance and encouragement as we Grow in Grace.

As the tree ascends towards Heaven, it takes on the characteristics of a vine. We notice its winding curves as if trying to find its way. As we Grow in Grace and increase in our understanding of God our Keeper, our tendency to meander from His ways diminishes. We also bear more fruit as depicted in the grouping of blossoms towards the top.

Gods Light and BlessingsThe more vertical white wisps represent God’s Grace raining down upon us. Our path grows stronger and straighter when we Grow in Grace, and we are more equipped to blossom and sow many seeds (colorful ‘dots’) for others to discover His beauty and Grace.