ForgivenThis painting for me describes the power of the atoning blood of Jesus on the cross and in the resurrection from the grave.

His atoning work calls me OUT OF MY GRAVE-BOX built often by my fears and insecurities. My sin nature has caused me to be self-referenced, small minded and rigid like a box. When I let Jesus into such a place and face my own condition with His truth and grace I open up to His abundant, life-giving, creative love. With every growth spurt in that direction all of heaven celebrates as if throwing a party.

I will always be bursting out of my mental boxes – parameters of what I know because throughout eternity I will be discovering the vast creative dimensions of our great God. His love, creativity and glory are endless. There is always going to be so much more of God to experientially know.

This painting exploded into my consciousness.

May the reality to which it points burn into your spirit, soul and body. Enter the healing and liberating realty of being COMPLETELY FORGIVEN.