Glory Gazing Ministries

Our Mission is to equip individuals in their spiritual journey

Searching for the Heart of God

The creative arts provide windows through which God may move those ‘gazing’ into realms of greater revelation.

Learning How

Glory Gazing Ministries’ mission includes teaching several skill sets:

  • Visual language allowing heart to heart communion beyond words with God, self and others
  • Creative journaling using verbal and nonverbal languages
  • Retreating into solitude with God
  • Developing and training individuals and teams to conduct presentations, seminars and workshops to minister through the arts in Israel and other foreign countries

Glory Gazing Ministries points to ‘the something more’ than we can see in daily life. It proclaims and releases the prophetic word and has an evangelistic mission as the unsaved or the lethargic Christian encounters and receives the creative arts.

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