Between Terrible and Tender

Between Tender and TerribleChrist is the Mercy of God. He sits on the throne at the right hand of Father God. His throne is the Mercy Seat. Christ manifests in two ways….as the slaughtered lamb and as the Lion of Judah. (Rev. 5: 1-8)

God is above time as we know it. The Lamb took all evil (past, present, future) on himself in silence. The roar comes with the Day of Vengeance….it draws near. There is an accounting right now for all who bear Christ’s name. Time is running out. “Choose you this day whom you will serve.” (Josh. 24: 14,15)

The Lion of Judah has white as snow hair, eyes of fire and a sword coming from His mouth. (Rev. 1: 13-16)

Justice rolls like a river. The Lamb’s blood flows. Mercy and Justice flow from the throne of God.

This painting encounters the viewer and challenges them to fear the Lord God Almighty as manifested through the Lord Jesus Christ.