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How to Connect With God Through Visual Arts

Interview with Tami Call from God and Business Today

Art, the Language of the Heart

Priscilla Williams shares her thoughts on the purpose of the arts and the vital role creativity should play in our spiritual lives.

Glory Gazing Videos

A short vignette in which Priscilla Williams paints from her heart.

The Bride in the River of Life

This quiet peaceful video is a fruit of the “France-USA Reconciliation” mission and gathers, for the first time, Glory Gazing Ministries, with Priscilla Williams and Kathi Wilson, and Machole Danser La Vie. The video depicts the church’s preparation as the Bride of Christ.

Creative Journaling Workshop

In The Light Ministries Church
Lancaster, PA; October 8, 2016
Deeper in the River of Rest

Glory Gazing Retreat Videos

Wondering what our retreats are like? Check out our videos to learn more.