Hold On, I’m Coming

Hold On I'm ComingI saw this image of our Messiah, Yeshua, Jesus three years ago after I painted Between Tender and Terrible. I can now see, in terms of my skill development, why God graciously had this painting wait for proper timing on the delivery. The complexities of image and colors were too great for me 3 years ago. I am sure there are even greater reasons this painting was not birthed then because Friday, November 26, 2010 I heard God say to me (internal voice), “This image must be painted before Christmas and presented before the new year (2011).”

I found over sixty people who were eager to help birth this painting by praying for me and the painting process. Some came to the studio to anoint and pray over the empty white canvas.

It was December 1st at noon our time, the beginning of Hanukkah in Israel, when I began. It was an amazing experience for me to move back and forth through His dimensions of lion/lamb and then of lamb/lion. The painting process required me to focus on the lion first, then let go of the lion image so to find the lamb within the lion’s face. Once I found (by painting) the lamb face I had to let go of that focus to direct my focus on to the lion again. And on and on it went like that until there was total unity.

Typically when I paint galaxies I am directed to “spritz” the paint on the canvas. Not this time!!! Every dot had to be placed. It gave me the sense of God’s meticulousness in placing every star in place and calling them each by name. I never experienced this kind of care for the impression of stars. It was stretching me. It took 4 hours to do the underlying dots and 3 hours to do the last layer of them.

Romans 11:36 “In Him and through Him and to Him are ALL things. To Him be the glory forever.”