What is Creative Journaling?

A Process of Discovery and Connection with
God, Self, and Others!



Creative Journaling can help you find a deeper connection with God & Yourself.

Line, shape, color, and texture. All are part of the visual language we can use to embrace the greater reality of God and His plan for our lives.

Creative Tap

How is it Different from Other Journaling?

Creative Journaling is expressing your thoughts, on paper, with color, texture, shapes and lines. It’s a life-long process of discovery with our Creator, the Source of all grace, beauty and love. It is allowing us to hear God’s voice and to express ourselves to Him.


Do I Need to Be an Artist?

That’s the best part! You do not need any artistic training! Creative journaling allows the child within you to learn and explore this visual language. As you grow in your creativity, your connection to God will deepen and your relationships with others will grow.


Will it Take a Long Time for me to Learn?

Learning how to speak this visual language may seem unfamiliar at first. But take heart, be encouraged, and let God take you beyond your sense of limitations. You’ll be amazed, when you look back over time, to see how your creativity has evolved!

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Wondering How to Get Started?

The Visual Encounters Workbook can help!