King of the Universe

King of the UniverseThe first six words of Jewish blessings are: Baruch ata Adonai Eloheinu Melech ha’olam. This means: Blessed are You, O Lord, our God, King of the universe. These words remind the speaker that one is connected to God on a personal level, a corporate level, and finally a universal level.

Through Christ we have been given a position with Abba God like the little lion cub has in this image….right in the heart of his father with ear at Father’s mouth. There is great protection here. It is a fortress.

Just as Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing, so this cub has his paw on Father’s. The sphere represents our sphere of influence. This sphere is being impacted and transformed by the cub, simply because of the cub’s position in his father. The breath of the King is gold and very much the major cause of this transformation of the cub’s sphere.

One can live out this image by entering into intimacy with Christ. I wonder, “Do you know this place?” and “Are you staying in this place?”