Inspired Paintings By Priscilla Williams

Read the Story and the Vision Behind Each One

Why are My Paintings Called “Inspired?”

Before I begin to paint, I meditate on the Bible, God’s Word, and spend extended time listening to my heart and God’s heart; listening to music most often using the tool of creative journaling. The messages and images that emerge give birth to paintings when there is a “burning urge” to do so.

Heavenly Heart RainMy paintings for me are journeys with the Lord. The process of painting is done within worship and an intimate sense of God’s Presence. They change my life as they come to life. They are filled with symbols and sometimes images within images. Since symbols, by definition, are that which points beyond themselves, my paintings become like WINDOWS or DOORS -inviting others to go way beyond the surface image on the canvas.

This is, FOR ME, what it means to be an inspired painting.