The Bride’s Release

Humble Worship is the Key

Bride's Release

The key to the full and powerful freedom Christ bought with His blood on the cross is HUMBLE WORSHIP.

When the Body of Christ, the corporate Bride of Christ humbly worships God, the shackles burst off. This could be a long process or an instant miracle.

When we fail to enter into humble worship the shackles lock back on the Bride. Humble worship can be a constant state of being. It has to do with seeing oneself the way God sees, it is seeing oneself as cherished yet ever so small in the glorious presence of the Most High God.

Through humble worship the corporate Bride hears the call to come forth out of the grave and out of bondage to get ready for her wedding day. She grabs hold of the garland of praise (Isaiah 61:3), the key of humility and the Bridegroom’s wedding band. She dances on the ashes (Isaiah 61:3 beauty for ashes) and sets her sites on victory.

There is only one thing on this Bride’s mind and heart… her most magnificent Bridegroom. The grave cannot hold her back.