SuddenlyPutting commentary to this painting is somewhat of a challenge for me since it is in fact only half of the revelation given to me. I sensed God was telling me to let this much of the revelation be printed. Perhaps the rest will be painted on another canvas or after awhile on top of this one.

As it stands it is highly abstract. The Cross of Christ was discovered in the painting and then further accented so many see it right away. This became a statement about the power of the cross for the whole cosmic expanse. One can find many interpretations when gazing into this window.

While I was trying to bring emphasis to the cross my paint brush seemed to struggle with the paint right at the place where the cross penetrates the sphere. I was troubled at this and I heard Holy Spirit say, “Keep pressing through”. After the struggle ended I stood back to gaze at it and asked, “What was that all about?” I sensed that a portal had been established at the approximate place where Jesus’ feet might have been on the cross. The paint strokes seem to suggest to me trafficking angels….like Jacob’s ladder….going up and down with great speed.