Establish Shalom

Establish ShalomThis painting has one word and one phrase in Hebrew, and a Hebrew transliteration word, “Shalom”. The Hebrew word means “shalom”. The Hebrew phrase means “establish peace” (sim shalom).

The Hebrew “Shalom” means far more than the English word for peace. Shalom has to do with total wellness, completeness, full alignment with God’s intended purposes, harmonious restfulness, tranquility, prosperity and righteous fruitfulness. This is a gift from God. It is a state of being that originates with God. It is an existence of absence of strife and conflict.

Establish Shalom has to do with our partnering with God for the “on earth as it is in heaven” peace. Establish Shalom is a command to hear from God what is needed for the alignment, the making things right with God and being an instrument through whom God works to make it happen.

To establish peace like this is quite costly. One has to give up a lot of lesser things, and there is great war against such powerful peace. One has to be ready for following such a command.