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I truly believe that Priscilla William’s ministry is a must experience for all people!

The tools she has given to the ministry I have, Light of the World Ballet, have been life breathing and essential to the growth of what we do. She works with people in a very personal and practical, hands on way.
Priscilla, is not only a Holy Spirit inspired artist, but she is extremely easy to work with being organized, timely, and efficient. The style of teaching she has is like none other I have experienced. By way of the displayed artwork she has created, she speaks life into the listeners; you are given the opportunity to respond and activate. Our ministry will never be the same.

Personally God has used Priscilla to bring my walk to a whole new level of color, hearing, and wholeness! My journals went from black and white, to seeing God’s love for me in color! Because of the freedom she has personally found in Christ, you are able to trust her and find yourself being able to receive from the Lord in new ways beyond what you could have thought or imagined!

Thank you, Priscilla, for your obedience to the Lord!

Ashley Rollinson, Director of Light of the World Ballet

Creative journaling has been an incredible tool in my walk with the Lord. Although I am no artist, the skills Priscilla taught at the workshop have allowed me to express my heart to my Father in new ways. I am still incorporating various things from the seminar into my daily quiet time, and am thankful for all the ways I’ve learned and grown through creative journaling.

C. Walker

Creative journaling was a new step for me. As a person who loves to write and has never been a good artist, I wasn’t sure what to expect as I walked into the first class. I was surprised by how much I ended up truly enjoying it.

Priscilla is a wonderful teacher, and I felt so at ease the whole time. Learning about colors and lines and listening to the voice of God while journaling opened up a whole new world to me. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to have participated in this workshop!

H. Wallace

Before the creative journaling seminar, creative journaling would have seemed slightly daunting to jump into. However, I felt the way Priscilla Williams gave us tools and places to start, and then pushed us out of our comfort zone and boundaries to explore more really helped.

Being a visual person, unlocking creative journaling has given me another avenue of conversation with my Lord, giving me another tool to break through the barriers of communication with Him.

H. Robinson

I have actually been meaning to write to you for a while. Thank you so much for coming and sharing about creative journaling with us! It really impacted me more than words can express

Creative journaling opened up a whole new door of communication for me. I had always loved drawing and experimenting with different styles of writing things and lettering but I never realized how much this could be a tool for communication with God and growing my relationship with Him. Creative journaling is now a way I can talk to God and a way He speaks to me. I love learning what different colors mean. God has really used color to speak life into my relationship with Him. I now find myself flipping through my old journals thanking God for the journey of journaling He’s taking me on and praising Him for all he has taught me!

God has given you a true gift.Thank you again for sharing! You are truly inspiring! May God continue to speak into many lives though your ministry!

Grace and Peace,


By using the principles that I learned in Priscilla’s workshop I have found more freedom in my communication with the Lord. The Lord spoke to me powerfully about the armor of God and through the freedom of creative journaling I was able to gain a deeper revelation of what my personal armor looks like and how the Lord has created it uniquely to fit me.

A. Ishizu

At first, I had no idea what to expect. I did not know what the Creative Journaling workshop would be like, and since I am not an artist, I was feeling pretty nervous about attending. However, I was quite surprised by all I’ve learned from Priscilla and all that God has shown to me personally through creative journaling. I realized that I don’t have to be an artist at all for the Lord to speak to me through my art. Even through what I saw as scribbles, the Lord has revealed how much love he has for me

During the time of the workshop, I was going through a difficult time with loosing someone very dear to me, but the Lord began to dig into those deeper parts of my heart to show me he was there and how much he truly cared about my hurt. It was a time of healing and it has grown my relationship with the Lord. It now has become clear to me that creative journaling is one of the Lord’s favorite ways to communicate with me, and I would most definitely recommend this workshop to those who desire to hear from God in a new way!
B. Rossi

Priscilla’s workshop is such a valuable experience. I would attend again even to simply see her work and hear her thought process behind each piece; it will challenge you. I am a ‘long-tern processor’ when it comes to absorbing new material, and months after the workshop, I feel like I am still just barely breaking into the resources she provided, but I am enjoying taking my time to explore.

I really enjoyed hearing about Priscilla’s process behind starting to journal and her paintings. It pushed the way I view my own creative processes, and the way God speaks. Also, it is always refreshing to see how uniquely God works through others and how He has molded them. I so enjoyed getting to know Priscilla and Kathy a bit! They are a joy to be around!

C. Noreau

Creative journaling has provided an outlet for me to express to the Lord my feelings and emotions in a creative way. For instance, when I have a heavy burden on my heart, I’m able to write, draw or scribble to get my feelings out on paper before the Lord. It’s a way for me to lay it down at His feet and surrender the outcome to Him. In doing this it truly frees my heart and brings me closer to the Lord each time.

I’m so thankful for the wisdom and insight Priscilla has presented in her book on how to use creative journaling to grow closer in your relationship with the Lord.

K. Klein

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